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We offer 1500 square feet of artist space behind FARSIDE. The space is divided into

5 large studios, 1 smaller private studio, a communal work area, and a kitchen/couch zone.

The large studios are 8x10 feet, open concept and available for rent for $300 per month. 

All studio members have access to the large communal work table,

kitchenette and couches. The studio spaces are 24 hour access and there is wifi. 

Currently we do not have any studios available for rent.

email for information. Located at 600 Gerrard St. E.

Open by appointment. Follow us on Instagram at 




A selection of artists who have been involved with the studio, past and present.

Click their name to view their website

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Deadline for applications is May 15 2018

FAIR (Farside Artist In Residence) is our way of supporting creativity, engaging our community,

creating conversation, and encouraging expression in East China Town. It is a program where artists

receive 2 months of free studio space in FARSIDE Studios to work on or create a creative project that

engages with the surrounding community.

FAIR Vision:

The vision for the FAIR program is to:

  1. promote creativity and exploration in art, music and performance

  2. embrace a multi-disciplinary vision of the arts

  3. engage FARSIDE and the surrounding community in a respectful way

  4. contribute to the artistic and very chill, open-minded vibe of FARSIDE

Who is FAIR for

FAIR is open to any level of artist.

As with FARSIDE, and FARSIDE Studio, FAIR is open to anyone who is (19+). and welcomes applications from all

gender identities, sexual orientations, class backgrounds, and ethnic and cultural backgrounds. 

We have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination.

Our FAIR self-directed residencies are short-term studios for artists and creative types who want to focus on their work,

or explore new ideas. This residency is ideal for individuals who require temporary workspace to create.

We believe that FAIR works best for the following disciplines:

painting (clean air) . photography . fashion . writing . digital/analog video . sculpture/assemblage . illustration 

Please read a description of FARSIDE Studio spaces to see if the space would be suitable for your medium.


The FAIR recipients will receive the following

  • rent-free, 24hr access to 8 x 10 feet blank space for the period of two months

  • wireless internet

  • discounts at FARSIDE


The FAIR recipient can explore ideas to showcase and share their work with the public. FARSIDE and FARSIDE Studio are both licensed spaces, capable of hosting events. The FAIR artist could

  • Exhibit their work in the studio space or in FARSIDE.

  • Host an artist talk, workshop or performance.

  • Artists-in-Residence keep full fees / cover charge for workshops they teach or performances or events they organize.



The FAIR artists will be required to 

  • Maintain a consistent art production schedule during the tenure of the FAIR program

  • Exhibit a creation in the studios, the bar or in the direct neighbourhood of FARSIDE . Each artist MUST engage with, or purposefully be open to the public at least once via either: exhibition, performance, workshop, viewing, etc., during their residency.

  • Allow FARSIDE Studios, FAIR, and Farside to use documentation of the project to promote the FAIR program and FARSIDE Studios.


Projects will be selected based on the following considerations:

  • The merit of the application, including an interesting/engaging proposal, how well a proposal aligns with the vision of the FAIR program, the quality of the application, and how thoroughly an application addresses the questions and information requested as part of the application. 

  • Consideration of the proposed project timelines, availability  of FARSIDE Studios for the duration of programming, and suitability for the proposed media used in the 

  • Ability to reliably carry out a creative project from beginning to end, as demonstrated in an Artist CV, as well as two references from previous exhibitions or studio spaces.

  • Please note that late applications will not be considered.


Submissions will be juried and notification sent out approximately twice a year. All applicants will be notified by email of the outcome of the competition. No telephone or email inquiries, please.

To Apply 

Please email, subject “FAIR Application” and include the following

  • first name and last name

  • email & phone number & mailing address

  • website or social media account

  • outline of art experience or artist CV 

  • artist statement

  • digital audio, video or image files in jpeg format. max 10 images, with a list describing the dates for the medium and dates works

  • a brief description (roughly 500 words) of your proposed project including: 

    • The overall concept of your proposal; materials and tools you will be working with; and your proposed public engagement (ie. exhibit, performance, workshop, etc.)

  • describe something creative (event, installation, art, local or foreign) that engaged with it’s community, and why you liked or did not like it. (roughly 500 words)

  • Indicate which two-month period would be your first choice, and your second choice from the following options: (May + June 2018) (July + August 2018) (September + October 2018) (November + December 2018) (January + February 2019)


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